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Meet Vanessa

¡Hola! I’m Vanessa, award-winning food photographer, nationally recognized content creator, and founder of My Dominican Kitchen®. Here you’ll find authentic traditional Dominican recipes and tasty Latin-inspired dishes for home cooks.

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Dominican Recipes

Dominican food is rich and hearty, with influences from Spanish, indigenous Taíno, Middle-Eastern and African cuisines. These authentic recipes are loaded with flavor, and I’m sure that you and your family will love them.

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Learn how to make Pollo Guisado Dominicano (Dominican Stewed Chicken) - a hearty dish that is a staple of Dominican cooking.
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    Learn how to peel plantains, quickly and easily, with this video. Plantains are a staple in Dominican cooking. Enjoy this Caribbean favorite in so many dishes or as a delicious snack.

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    Browse our collection of authentic, traditional Dominican recipes and some tasty Latin-inspired dishes. Here you’ll find hundreds of easy and flavorful recipes to cook at home.